Visual elements – like texture and artistic treatments – add depth and intrigue to any space. Our meticulous hands-on approach to crafting unique works of art means HomerWood® hardwood floors deliver the best of the best in design and craftsmanship full of character and dimension. Select the option that matches your vision.

Traditional Character™

traditional character

 The look that started it all and became one of HomerWood’s signature styles. Crafted from the entire tree, these floors have an elegant, vintage look and feature all of the wood’s unique characteristics such as open and filled knots, splits, checking, sap, mineral streaks, embodied cracks and variations in grain.

Amish Hand-Scraped®

amish hand scraped

Established in the early days of HomerWood, this is the perfect option for those who want a genuine distressed floor that is both bold and inviting. Each premium plank is uniquely hand-scraped by Amish craftsmen and, like a true piece of art, each plank proudly bears the signature of the craftsman who created it.

Amish Soft Scraped

soft scraped

A soft alternative to our Amish Hand-Scraped floors. Each product in this collection is subtly hand scraped to portray a timeworn surface that answers the call for luxury, culture, quality and grandeur. These planks are also signed by the Amish craftsmen who carefully sculpted each one.

Wire Brushed

wire brushed

 Reminiscent of the worn surface of an aged barn, these floors do not lack for elegance. Subtle texture enhances the soft grain and creates a seasoned appearance. The look can be further enhanced with a liming technique that infuses the soft grain and adds a contrasting color.

Rift and Quartered White Oak

rift quartered white oak

Sawn to showcase the finest grain of the tree, our specialty cut rift and quartered White Oak flooring offers enhanced durability and distinctive straight grain and ray figuring.

Smoked Specialties™

smoked specialties

Inspired by the Japanese technique shou sugi ban, a charring method that preserves wood. These floors offer rich and alluring visual elements that add design and depth to a room. The natural figuring of the grain is accented by gently flaming the wood, board by board, creating a shadowed look that can’t be imitated.

Weathered Oak

Weathered Oak

From sun kissed boardwalks to vintage homesteads, weathered floors are well traveled. Replicating years of natural wear, the subtle color changes from plank to plank and within each plank give these floors a timeless aged appearance.



Mild to moderate texturing recreates the look of classic floors that were constructed with rough cut planks. The hit and miss saw blade cuts left on the surface compliment the vintage nature of these Character style floors.



The natural variation of Hard Maple's heartwood and sapwood is enhanced with splashes of color to create an unbalanced walked on look.