• Why do you get seasonal separation between planks?

    A: This occurs when humidity changes from winter to summer are not controlled in your house. Typically if the separations occur, it is in winter and they will close in the summer. Indoor humidity should be maintained between 35%-55% year round.

    Wide width flooring combined with relative humidity will cause slight changes in the width of your flooring; especially in sizes over 5". Proper indoor humidity control will minimize these effects.

  • Will there be changes in color?

    A: Many species of hardwood change color over time, after exposed to sunlight. The degree of change depends upon the species of wood.

    Cherry will darken when exposed to direct sunlight in a few weeks. Out of direct sunlight, it will darken over a 6-8 month period. Your Cherry flooring should reach its darkest color in approximately 2-3 years, however, it may continue to darken with age.

  • What is Aluminum Oxide?

    A: Aluminum oxide is a finish that contains small gritty sand particles for more durability.

  • What is Acclimation?

    A: Acclimation is the act of allowing wood moisture to reach equilibrium with the environment in which it will perform. Acclimation depends on geographic location, interior climate control and time of year. To gain proper acclimation, it is recommended that our products be opened and racked out in the room they will be installed in. Simply placing a box or bundle of flooring in a room does not constitute acclimating.

  • What are the installation guidelines?

    A: Our Solid and Engineered flooring is 100% wood and will react to changes in moisture and humidity. Recommended indoor humidity should be maintained at 30%-50%.

    Always follow NWFA guidelines and use a certified installer.