We achieve extraordinary visuals with proprietary stains and glosses to get exactly the look you want. With the addition of textures and various surface treatments, HomerWood floors can be as unique as the people who create them.

When matching stains it is important to understand that every species HomerWood offers has its own natural characteristics that effect how the wood will absorb stain. A Maple floor that has been stained white will have bright creamy white tones, while a Black Walnut floor with the same stain will have soft, almost purple, hues.


Sometimes one of the easiest components to overlook when creating a custom hardwood floor is what kind of gloss it should have. HomerWood provides five different levels of gloss to satisfy any consumer and complete the look to any floor:

  • Matte – The lowest gloss we provide, and one that is seeing an increase in popularity. Matte gloss has very little, to no sheen and feels more natural to the touch. An excellent choice for areas that may see more traffic.
  • Oil – A low gloss with similarities to our Matte finish. Our Oil gloss showcases the stunning beauty of hardwood floors by enhancing the natural graining. It is repairable, but not covered by our finish warranty.
  • Low Gloss – The middle ground between our Matte and Satin glosses. It has slightly more sheen than a Matte gloss and retains that natural feeling. Like our Matte gloss, this is a good choice for high traffic areas.
  • Satin Gloss – HomerWood’s most widely used gloss. Satin gloss offers a higher sheen and has a smoother finish. Floors with a satin gloss are a great choice for practically every area in a home or business.
  • High Gloss – The gloss with the highest sheen. For a bold, dramatic floor that is sure to draw attention. Best for areas that will not see as much traffic, like sitting rooms as opposed to entryways.