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Thank you for selecting a HomerWood Premium Hardwood Floor for your home. HomerWood has been crafting unique quality hardwood floors since 1984. We are located in rural Pennsylvania in some of the most productive forest land in the United States. Our local forests are responsibly managed to provide material, recreation and wildlife protection for generations to come.

LIFETIME STRUCTURAL MANUFACTURING GUARANTEE: When you select a premium hardwood floor manufactured by HomerWood, you can count on Unsurpassed Quality, Superior Construction, and Inherent Durability. At HomerWood, we want you to feel confident in your purchase, that's why we offer our personal quality assurance guarantee. HomerWood offers a lifetime structural manufacturing guarantee that our solid flooring products, in their original manufactured condition, will be on grade and free of any manufacturing defects for as long as you (the original purchaser) own the floor. We warrant that the moisture content is within acceptable industry range at time of receipt, milling, finishing and shipment from the factory.

ENGINEERED STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE: HomerWood guarantees that the surface wear layer on its engineered flooring, when used in normal residential traffic conditions, will not wear through or separate for a period ending the earlier of: (i) 25 years, from the original date of purchase; or (ii) the end of the period in which the original end user of the products owns the structure in which it was installed (the "Warranty" Period).

For additional warranty details and installation requirements,
please read our complete product warranties.